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The German Police has opened a case against Pastor Rodrigo and Thomas, two of our church leaders. They were summoned and made suspects of the crime of aiding illegal residents. This is because they sign all correspondence related to our church asylum project, which protects refugees who would face unacceptable hardships, torture or even death if returned to their countries of origin.

Church asylum (also called “sanctuary” in the USA) is currently practiced by ca. 300 churches in Germany, in order to protect refugees at risk. We appreciate that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has confirmed that they would tolerate this centuries-old tradition and practice and that they would work closely with the churches on this regard. However, this police case goes totally against that commitment.

If prosecuted and charged, Pastor Rodrigo and Thomas could be punished with a fine or even sentenced to imprisonment. This cannot happen! Church Asylum should not be criminalised. We are requesting “Respect for Church Asylum” and making three demands to the relevant authorities:

  1. Close the Investigation Case! Pastor Rodrigo and Thomas are not criminals, they are simply part of a church who, like many others, are showing Jesus' love by helping those in need (including refugees).

  1. A Public Confirmation by the Police that they will follow the practice of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to tolerate church asylum and, consequently, will not open more cases against other church leaders.

  2. A Public Reaffirmation by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees that they will continue to tolerate the practice of church asylum and will continue to work in close cooperation with churches protecting refugees, including international free churches. 

We need your help to defend our leaders and support this cause!


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