We run The Marriage Course on a regular basis. These are the dates for the next sessions:

* to be announced *

What is The Marriage Course?

A free eight session course set in a relaxed atmosphere. You will be served with a free candlelit meal at a romantic table for two while listening to DVD practical talks that are informative and fun.

There is never any group work and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

Who can take The Marriage Course?

Couples who are married or in a long-term cohabitating relationship for over a year and would like their relationship to be the best as it can be.

Why take the course?

  • Check-ups help a car run smoothly & reduce the risk of breakdowns.

  • Sports professionals spend hours being coached.

  • The greatest achievements in life take training and dedication.

A strong, loving and lifelong relationship takes effort and dedication. We can all learn how to make even the happiest marriage better.

What are the session topics?

Building Strong Foundations, The Art of Communication, Resolving Conflicts, Forgiveness, The Impact of Family, Sexual Intimacy, and The 5 Love Languages. The last session is a "party" with an introduction to the course and a short review.