Sunday Service

We normally meet at:

Eschenheimer Anlage 32
60318 Frankfurt am Main

Sundays, 11am

There is free onsite parking available, entrance by the side of the building. Please note that the car park fills up quickly on Sundays. You are allowed to park blocking other cars, as long as you remove your car quickly after the service is finished.
When the car park is full you can use the nearby Parkhaus at Querstraße (around 2€/hour).

* We will meet there until further notice. Please keep checking our website for updates.


What happens in the church service?
Our Sunday service is an informal time of celebration when we gather together to worship God. The service is mainly composed of a time of singing, prayers and a time to listen to a Bible sermon. The service starts 11h00 and usually ends 12h30.

Can I attend the service?
Everyone is welcome, regardless of background or religion! If you are visiting for the first time, you will not feel like a stranger or lost! The welcome team will greet you at the door, answer any question you may have about the church and help you to find a seat. You will be able to follow all the singing and readings on the big screen or through bibles made available under the seats. A service leader will invite people to stand up and seat down as appropriate. 

What is the dressing code?
None. As a church composed of people from more than 35 nations, you will see people dressing for service in many different ways: suits, t-shirts, jeans, smart trousers, skirts, shorts, Indian saris, African boubous, etc. People come to the service wearing any decent piece of clothing they feel comfortable wearing in public in their daily lives. 

What is offering and tithes?
Bethel IBC is completely funded by its members who make regular voluntary donations in proportion to income (tithes) and special voluntary donations (offerings) as an act of worship and gratitude for God's provision. Attenders and visitors wishing to make a voluntary donation are also welcome to do so. 

Do you offer translation?
Headsets for simultaneous translation into German and Farsi are available. 

Is there anything special for children?
We offer special classes for children (up to 11 years old) in parallel with the sermon, so that they can learn more about Jesus in a more appropriate way for their age. 

What happens after the Service?
We always enjoy a time of refreshments and conversation at the fellowship hall (downstairs) after the service. You would be more than welcome to stay and join us there, if you can.